Dolphin and Whale Watching in the Nelson Bay Area

Heavenly Tours offers tours to the Nelson Bay and Port Stephens area, for dolphin and whale watching, in late Autumn, Winter and early Spring. Call Christine on 0407 217 217 for pricing and your pick up area.

Whale Watching Tours and Cruises

Has it been your dream to go swimming with the dolphins? You can make this dream into a reality with Heavenly Tours in the Nelson Bay and Port Stephens area. Book with us today about swimming with these magnificent free creatures!

Our other options in summer time cruises include a marine discovery cruise, eco discovery cruise, and dinner cruises. From learning about the thriving wildlife that inhabits our waters, to the delicate balances that make up our ocean habitats, to popping a bubbly on the open waters, enjoy your summer to the fullest with Heavenly Tours.

Winter Time Whale Watching Tours and Cruises

We still run a variety of ocean exploration cruises during the winter time! Our winter tour cruises include cruises for dolphin and whale watching. These begin with a lunch at Murray’s, followed by a cruise on the Imagine Cruises boats for the dolphin and whale watching cruise.

You will get to see these gentle giants as they play, breach the water and just have so much fun entertaining you. We also offer an opportunity to see some of the delightful seals as they sun bake on the rocks or swim in the waters.

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Contact Christine to chat about your tour requirements today, and you’ll be on a boat amongst the whales and dolphins in no time! Call 0407 217 217
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